Rescue Helicopter Hunt 2021 / 2022

Welcome to the Rescue Helicopter Hunt run by the Canterbury branch of the Ulysses Club. 

 This is a fun event for anybody to take part in. It has been designed for all levels of riders and all types of bikes, including trikes and cars if you wish. It is all about raising funds for the Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust.

The course can be done as it suits you, either direction, starting and finishing where and when you choose. It can be completed in one day or a series of days, however you choose. Have a great ride and have some fun.

In order to verify that you have completed the ride please submit at least 3 photographs of you at a question point and for bonus provide a photo of the local Rescue Helicopter Base.

Photos can be submitted via e mail with your question sheet or can be posted to Facebook page as long as they show you or your bike at the question point.

If you do not wish to return the answer sheet you will not receive the ride badge and the money will be taken as a donation to The Helicopter trust.

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